The Quartet

Our Story

It all started on a cold February day in 2006 when Karl, Scot, Walt and Dave formed a quartet to sing for the annual Men of Note Singing Valentines event. The four members all liked the sound and decided to continue singing together. Their first public paid performance was six months later and Smooth Brew was off and running as a performing quartet.

Over the last 12 years the group has expanded its repertoire with pop rock, vocal jazz, doo-wop, classical barbershop and vintage harmony selections and sets for Variety, Patriotic, Inspirational/Sacred and Christmas. Their active performing schedule keeps them busy with an average of 25 paid performance a year at venues and events including corporate events, community gatherings, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and private parties.

Over the years, Smooth Brew has had some changes in it's membership. The quartet has enjoyed each of those members who are no longer singing with them and what they added during their time with the quartet.

Dave Moses, Baritone
Bill Ragan, Baritone
Eric Waninger, Baritone
Karl Kiehl, Lead

Scot Brennecke

Scot has been singing for most of his life, but didn't discover the joy of singing barbershop harmony until 2003, when he found the Men of Note chorus. Now his enthusiasm for the art form is irrepressible, and you'll often find him staying up late at night with other die-hard barbershoppers, ringing chords until the crickets start chirping in tune. Scot has been a member of Smooth Brew since 2006 and also sings with the Contemporary Chorale.

Gary Applegate

Gary started performing as a soloist with a capella and accompanied ensembles at the seasoned age of four, but didn't get serious about ensemble singing until college. (Singing in bars for free food and drinks was particularly appealing.) Gary has fond memories of performing with the Boys Next Door Quartet, Guys and Dolls - The Vocal Group, and the Avanti Quartet. He is a long-time member of the Plano Men of Note chorus and a gold medalist performer with the Vocal Majority.

Jon Reed

Jon has been singing in church and school choirs for as long as he can remember. He found the Barbershop art form in 1982 when he first joined The Vocal Majority. He has been a member of choruses in Denver, Dallas, Detroit and Plano. He loves to sing and teach tags until the cows come home. Jon has been singing with Smooth Brew since 2012 and is Jonís first quartet with an actual name!

Walt Lammert

Walt sang with an a cappella chorus in junior college that toured the MidWest, and rediscovered a cappella in 2002 when he heard a Men of Note chorus performance and has been a member of the Men of Note ever since. Walt has been singing with Smooth Brew since 2006 and also provides the live sound and recording expertise. Based on his experiences, he has authored "The Guidebook for Performing Quartets" for the Barbershop Harmony Society.